The Church of the Holy Family began its life as soon as the estate of Blackbird Leys. At first it met in the priest's home; then in the Health Centre; then in a wooden hut. The church, designed by Colin Shewring, was built and dedicated in 1965.

It is one of the most distinctive buildings on the estate and in Oxford, with its curved walls and roof. A hall and other meeting rooms were added to the complex on the corner of Cuddesdon Way, which are used for a variety of community groups, and are available for hire.

A history of Blackbird Leys was written by Dorothy Fox in 1990 And was updated ten years later. A link to the text of this can be found here:
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Blackbird Leys A thirty year history.pdf
More recently Geoffrey Beck who had been an active participant in the early development of ecumenical work at The Church of the Holy Family wrote and history of this groundbreaking work. This can be found at:
The Blackbird Leys Saga.pdf
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